Winter Reunion

by Jennie

LOOK OUT! Minnesotans have invaded West Yellowstone! Everywhere you look there is a blue and white license plate who is driving slowly and confused! Warning: they have a habit of blocking traffic by pulling out, THEN loading the car. The good news is, each one has 10 kids to 1 adult, so the youth of nordic skiing is certain to grow, at least in the Midwest.

Sorry guys, I have to give you shit. You know I love you.

Skiing at the Plateau is in full swing. It is now clear that the road is indeed a road and not a ski trail, and the grooming up above is a beautiful winter wonderland. Today was the first trial of a driving schedule for up and down the narrow icy road. The concept is most certainly needed, but there are some kinks to be worked out.

Tom, you rock, way to man down the post. Every year Tom does his best to control the masses while standing out in the cold. If you were wondering, he builds a mean snowman.

Rumors are going around about the fate of the races. My guess is that they will be at the plateau, and the sprint wont have heats. There are a few other options, but that’s my hypothesis.

Audrey Weber, skiing in Bozeman last week on some beautiful trails.


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