You be You

by Jennie

A friend of mine forwarded an article to me ( CLICK HERE AND READ ), after having a conversation about what is too  much to say in the blog world. I struggle with this occasionally, because I like to write how I feel, with hope that others will read and relate on some level of interest.

One of my first blog posts when I started my website, was my attempt to talk about the irony of nordic skier lifestyle by describing some of my current living situations. We are in a wealthy mans sport, but the range of how you play the game varies considerably. I am not at the top, nor am I near the bottom of athletes who succeed with variable resources, however as a fresh face to the post collegiate nordic scene in 2010, I just couldn’t figure out how people made it all work. I had many positive, as well as negative and judgmental comments about that post. This at first upset me, however perhaps ended up being a good first lesson, because here was when I realized that the blog world is a finicky place.

When you give people an open platform, where they feel safe to show their personality, many individuals will surprise you for the better. This is true with any conversation you have with anybody. In that same environment, you open yourself up to be judged, and have to proceed without concern. This is how trust is built, and friendship created. Despite this talk, everyone judges people in one form or another, it’s just the way it is. In the book “Blink”, by Malcom Gladwell, he discusses how  we make most of our judgments in the first few seconds of meeting someone, and our first instincts are extremely important. The problem with writing, is that we only base our views on the words written, because we cannot hear the voice of the author, nor see their facial expressions, which can tell half the story.

I write this mainly because I liked the article above and wanted to post it, but hope that you take my words with good intent, as I exude eagerness for the journey that is the life of a ski racer.

There, enough rant.

I’m going to go fly a kite with my monkeys…


Kite 175





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