You win some, you lose some

by Jennie

Life is full of little battles. It’s up to you to figure out which ones are important, and how to go about them.

As many of you know, CXC had some shake ups this spring. When both coaches departed for different positions, and many of the athletes decided to move on or go elsewhere, some of us were left between a rock and a hard place of very little team and, at the time, no coaches.

When I joined UVM in 2006 and CXC in 2010, the programs were  going through coach/program changes. From my experience, this process takes about two years to build up and become solid. Therefore, if the process happens again after only two years, it is quite frustrating for the athletes.

I was put into a position of stay and help rebuild the CXC team, or relocate myself to a place with a set program, team, and more easily accessible challenging terrain. After about a month and half of pulling my hair out, I decided to move to another team. However, sometimes the time just isn’t right. A few days before I was going to cancel my lease, I received an apologetic email saying that they realized they just couldn’t add another elite female to the already full team after all.

After feeling quite deflated, I realized through this process how great my support group was. My family, Midwest community, friends and sponsors have been more than awesome. I wore my phone battery down many days in a row talking things out, and probably drove a lot of patient people nuts.


CXC is alive and running, and I am thankful to be back on the team.  They are working hard to keep everything rolling smoothly, and are moving ahead with plans. It feels good to continue working with those I have met in the Midwest as well. There are still five of us on the team, Karl, Eric, Brian, and Caitlin, along with some new juniors and post grads.

As many people have reminded me, in the end, it’s really up to you and only you on how your life plays out. This season is big because of the World Cup in Canada, and because results after next US Nationals will be counted towards the Sochi Olympics.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish – Steve Jobs

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  1. fred
    30 June 12, 10:49pm

    You will prevail only if you believe you will prevail. I believe you will believe you can prevail

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